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In the end, 2023 turned out to be a much better year than might have been feared. The easing of tensions on the energy front, coupled with the solidity of corporate and household balance sheets, enabled the global economy to hold up despite the relative disappointment of Chinese growth and the persistence of headwinds, this time on the monetary and financial fronts. At the root of this turbulence is the activism of central banks faced with persistent inflation, the impact of which on the social fabric has led to a further surge in political risk in most countries - both emerging and developed.
With tensions on the geopolitical front having risen even more, the end of the year is likely to be marked by a marked slowdown in activity and a sharp acceleration in claims, constituting a possible tipping point towards a 2024 financial year that is likely to be full of twists and turns, if only because of a particularly busy political agenda.
With Coface’s help, learn to navigate these challenges, in terms of country, political, social and sectoral risks – that we will need to face in the coming months.

Alongside Coface's economists, high-level French and international experts from the world of business, finance, and economic research will decipher the major challenges of the global economy and assess their possible impact on companies worldwide.

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